Different Types of Home Security Systems 


The rate, at which crime rate is rising in the present days, is alarming, and you are at a risk of losing your valuable property each passing day. If you want to protect your assets from burglary, you are recommended to install security systems. Home security systems come with different features; some are used to monitor intruders in your compound, while others are used to electrocute any intruder. There are a variety of different types of security systems that you can install in your home depending on your budget.

Closed circuit television

These are surveillance Home Alarm Security System. The system, have some video cameras which are used to record real time occurrence of a particular area. The images are then displayed in a special type of television. With this type of surveillance, you can install multiple video cameras on one system. You are recommended to install the cameras in secret places where they are not visible, but the camera lenses should face the particular area you want to monitor. This is one of the best security systems of this era since it works unmonitored and it stores the recorded video for future reference. The images from this system can be zoomed to recognize the face of the intruder. This helps to monitor your compound in real time.

Smoke alarm system

You are not only at risk of losing your property to burglary alone; you can also lose your property to fire. You need to install systems that can detect any form of fire and raise the alarm. Smoke alarm detectors are the best type of fire equipment systems. The system has some smoke detectors that when detects the smoke it rises the fire alarm. More advanced smoke detectors are designed in a way they can activate fire extinguishers immediately they detect any smoke. If you want to protect your premises against fire, mostly kitchen fires you need to install a smoke alarm system. For more info about home security, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_alarm.

Medical alarm system

This type of Alarm Monitoring Companies is common in elderly peoples home or in a house where there is a patient who is bedridden. This type of system has some emergency switches fixed in the house. When you press the emergency button, it triggers an alarm, to the nearest hospital around you. This is one of superb emergency systems you can install in your house.

Electric fence. This is a security type of fence that uses electrical current to electrocute any intruder in your compound. Electrocution from the system can cause death, so it is advisable you switch on the security fence during the night since it can be hazardous to kids who play around your compound.


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